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Welcome to My Blog!

As you might already read from the About page, my name is Vladimir Stojoc, I am 21 years old, a student at the Technical University of Moldova, a Data Scientist at Entangled AI, and Chief Technology Officer at Sigmoid, but let's talk about everything a little after which I will explain the goal of this project.


I am currently a student in the final year of my Computer Science degree, and as a student's life should be, there were a lot of extracurricular activities, in my opinion these activities are far more interesting than the actual university lectures, and they shape your personality, by trying different things and by getting to know new people, who you might be friends with for your entire life.

Probably the most interesting activities are Bootcamps and Hackathons, I participated in Autonomous Driving Bootcamp where we build a car to drive autonomously, and participated in some AI or software engineering hackathons where you don't sleep for more than 24 hours, and in this time you try to build from scratch an application, crazy experience.


Sigmoid is a non-governmental organization for students and AI enthusiasts, the goal of Sigmoid is to do R&D and boost the development of Artificial Intelligence.

The logic is very simple, when I just started learning Machine Learning (ML), for sure would be much better if I would have a mentor who would help with my questions, but at this time, in Moldova, there was nothing like this, so we built this community, a family where you can teach and learn ML together ;)

I made a friend, Vasile Păpăluță, who started the organization, but sadly he was the only person doing stuff, so I decided to become a part of the organization and we together started to build libraries for python and machine learning, started to do Bootcamps on NLP and Computer Vision, mini Camps on Data Engineering and Python, slowly on the way of our journey people started to notice us, and in this way, sigmoid grew bigger and bigger, nowadays, we have about 45 people that are active members of the organization who work in the PR, HR, Tech, Desing departments, and for sure we have a lot of more people that participated at our courses and boot camps.

Now when we have already grown a lot of ML specialists, we can split into teams and build lots of projects, which we are currently doing, we have lots of projects in research, and lots of things are coming shortly.

Sigmoid is now the organization that we needed at the beginning of our journey, Sigmoid is a big family that can help and already did help lots of students in achieving their goals and mastering their skills.

Here are some links to Sigmoid pages on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Data Scientist at Entangled AI, probably not very allowed to say the things that I do, but it is computer vision stuff.

Why did I start this Project?

This website, is a personal blog, a personal project that I am doing for many reasons:

  1. I want to create the habit of writing, my thought, and the things that I am doing.
  2. I want to record my journey, I want to see the progress and make it a history.
  3. I want to show my work, it is important for me sometimes to have the attention of people, or to show my work at some events or even interviews.
  4. Because there are a lot of people like me, I am not the only one with ideas like these, and you are not too, so these articles may help someone which will be the best result of this project.

There will be posts about different topics, from which for sure Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning, Time Management, and Self-Development.

Thank you for reading!

You can contact me via the links on the page, will be happy to talk to you :3

See other articles of mine here, or just hover over the topics tab and see what is interesting for you!


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